IHK für Oberfranken Bayreuth/Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Upper-Franconia Bayreuth

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Upper-Franconia Bayreuth...

is located in the Northern part of Bavaria. It represents about 48.000 members (compulsory membership) of all sizes and across all industries and branches excepting craft, liberal professions and agriculture. The C.I.C. is the self-administrated organization of the regional economy, controlled by the Bavarian Government and the General Meeting (Vollversammlung) with 85 elected members and 8 regional boards.

The main tasks of the C.I.C. are:

Representation of interests of the membership at Bavarian, German and European level, realization of sovereign duties as authorized by the administration (e.g. organizing vocational training and responsibility for the final exams, swearing in of experts, confirming Certificates of Origin and commercial invoices, issuing Carnets A.T.A. etc.)

Special services for all members are:

Information on economic structure data, information databases, legal and tax information, information and advice on international market access and EU affairs, on regional, national and EU-funding, innovation and energy efficiency support.

The C.I.C. is working in regional and national networks and projects.

The region Upper-Franconia is characterized by a high industrial density. Some of the main branches are: technical textiles and ceramics, composites/new materials, automotive, upholstering industry, plastics, porcelain, food industry. Furthermore there are established 2 universities, some universities for applied sciences and R&D institutions like Fraunhofer etc.

Find more on our website www.bayreuth.ihk.de.


Peter Häckel
T.: 0921 886-157
E-Mail: haeckel(at)bayreuth.ihk.de

Frank Lechner
T.: 0921 886-112
E-Mail: lechner(at)bayreuth.ihk.de

Klaus Smolik
T.: 0921 886-116
E-Mail: lechner(at)bayreuth.ihk.de


IHK für Oberfranken Bayreuth/ Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Upper-Franconia Bayreuth
Bahnhofstraße 25
95444 Bayreuth
Internet: www.bayreuth.ihk.de
F: 0921-886-161